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the standardization and quality control building project in Wasit Governorate

Mr. General Manager: The company continues to implement various projects in all sectors

Engineer Imad Tawfiq Al Mirza, General Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company, stated that the company’s staffs are continuing to work on the standardization and quality control building project in Wasit Governorate, which the company is implementing for the Buildings Department of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works.

He stated that this project includes three main buildings and four service buildings with different halls and rooms, in addition to systems (early warning, internet, and security cameras). The buildings contain electrical transformers with a capacity of (1600 kva) / number (2) and electric generators with a capacity of (1600) / number (2). With electric elevators, and the current work is finishing work in all project facilities.

The General Manager added that the current completion rate is (72%), which is more than planned, which indicates the ability and efficiency of the workers in the project. He stated that the company is continuing to implement various projects for all sectors and in most of the governorates of Iraq.

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