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Al-FAO General Engineering Company / Ministry of Construction And Housing, Municipalities and Public Works , announces the holding of the Board of Directors elections for the company, as shown in the tables below, and the names will be published in prominent places for the company's departments and divisions, according to the order mentioned in the minutes of the meeting of the Committee for Accepting Applications Nomination for the elections of the Board in order to inform all the company's permanent owners of those places and dates.


1 - A table of the names of the candidates

2- A schedule of polling day dates


Very important note:-

Only one candidate is selected on the ballot paper, and attendance is mandatory for all on the specified Election Day. In the event of non-attendance without an official excuse, it is considered an absence... with respect.


                                                                                                                                        General Manager


1 - Table of the names of candidates for the company's board of directors elections 2022

NO. Name Job Title
1 Hashem Tharb Ismail Senior Chief Engineer
2 Amer Hammad Abd Senior Legal Counsel
3 Talab Mwzan Rusn Older Corrector
4 Ahmed Gomaa Zughayer Senior Account Manager
5 Raed Kutuf Matar Senior Account Manager


2- Schedule of polling day for the company's board of directors elections 2022

NO. Day Date Polling Tation Notes
1 Sunday 13/3/2022 Babylon Projects Section Babylon Projects affiliates
2 Sunday 13/3/2022 Karbala Projects Section Karbala Projects Affiliates
3 Sunday 13/3/2022 Najaf Projects Section Najaf projects affiliates
4 Monday 14/3/2022 Dhi-Qar Projects Section Affiliates of Dhi-Qar and Muthanna projects
5 Monday 14/3/2022 Basra Projects Section Affiliates of Basra and Maysan projects
6 Wednesday 16/3/2022 Salah al-Din Projects Section Affiliates of Salah al-Din, Kirkuk and Nineveh projects
7 Wednesday 16/3/2022 Anbar Projects Section Anbar projects affiliates
8 Wednesday 16/3/2022 Diyala Projects Section Diyala projects affiliates
9 Thursday 17/3/2022 The company's headquarters / Baghdad Company employees / Baghdad



If an official holiday falls during the election days, the election of that day shall move to the next day, according to the same schedule above.


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