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The Engineer E-mail Births
Ammar Abdul Razzaq Issa Ali Al-Jubouri Iraq / Baghdad
General Director 1968

Introduction: -

More than (33) years of experience in successful civil engineering strategies and motivating the company’s staff to achieve the greatest results, with distinguished experience in employing and developing employees to complete the work assigned to them in the field of contracting and engineering (civil, electrical, mechanical, sanitary, .... etc.)


Practical Experiences: -

  • Director General of the General Directorate of Water – Original / Ministry of Construction And Housing, Municipalities and Public Works /  Iraq – Baghdad
  • General Manager of Al-FAO General Engineering Company - deputy / Ministry of  Construction And Housing , Municipalities and Public Works / Iraq – Baghdad


Working in both formations was a quantum leap for the work requirements, as the work of the employees increased through our follow-up to the progress of the business and the achievements praised by the senior leadership.


Academic Education: -

Bachelor of Civil Engineering / University of Technology 1988 - 1989   


Past And Current Management Positions: -      

No. Position Period from - to Governorate
1 Cooperation extension project manager 8/1989-9/1990 Baghdad
2 Tags project manager 9/1990-5/1991 Baghdad
3 Project manager for the reconstruction of Cooperation headquarters 5/1991-8/1993 Baghdad
4 Babel industrial project manager 8/1993-12/1993 Babel
5 Director of the Riyadh site in the Al-Adeem dam project 1/1194-8/1994 Diyala
6 Director of University of technology Development project 8/1994-5/1995 Baghdad
7 Sodium carbonate project site manager 5/1995-8/1995 Baghdad
8 Hittin Enterprise Expansions project Manager 10/1995-8/1996 Babel
9 Youssoufia project Manager 8/1996-8/1997 Baghdad
10 Rasheed project manager 8/1997-9/1998 Bable
11 Site manager at Emaar al Tharthar city project 9/1998-112/1999 AL-Anbar
12 Project manager Reconstruction Ministry of Defense 12/1999-4/1200 Baghdad
13 Director of the south Projects Department and project manager for the expansion of Ibn Majid company 4/2001-9/2002 AL-Basra
14 Director of Al-fath Al-Mubeen projects Department 9/2002-4/2003 Karbala
15 Middle project department Manager 8/2003-1/2004 Babel
16 Director of the Southern Projects Department 1/2004-8/2007 Baghdad
17 Head of the southern projects Department and member of the company board of directors (elected) 8/2007-30/7/2011 Baghdad
18 Assistant general manager of the company 31/7/2011-1/10/2011 Baghdad
19 Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company 2/10/2011 - 5/3/2023 Baghdad
20 General Director of the Directorate of Sewerage Agency In Addition To His Main duties 6/10/2015-27/11/2016 Baghdad
21 The manager of Al-Farouq general  construction, contracting company  In Addition To His Main duties 18/12/2018 - 27/1/2023 Baghdad
22 Director General of the General Directorate of Water  15/12/2022  Up To Now Baghdad
23 Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company In Addition To His Main duties 17/4/2023 - 31/7/2023 Baghdad


Training Evaluations And Certifications: -

  • Received many letters of thanks and appreciation from the Ministry, including letters of thanks and appreciation from the Integrity Commission, for obtaining the first rank in evaluating performance and providing support to the Commission.
  • I have more than (12) training courses in various engineering and legal specializations, project management, senior leadership, enabling strategic housing policies, strategic management and strategic planning.

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