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Engineer Imad Al Mirza He Reviews In The Field The Ongoing Work In The Project To Rehabilitate The Main And Service Streets And Gardens For The Employees’ Homes In the Doura Refinery

Engineer Imad Tawfiq Al Mirza, General Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company, accompanied by Engineer Saleh Khudair Salem, Director of Baghdad Projects (the project to rehabilitate the main and service streets and gardens for employees’ homes in the Doura Refinery) visited the capital, Baghdad, to watch on the ground the reality of the ongoing work there.

The Director General met with a number of workers in the project and stressed the need to intensify the volume of work and redouble efforts in order to speed up its completion, due to the people of the region’s dire need for these services.

It is noteworthy that the work is being carried out for the benefit of the Ministry of Oil / Central Refineries Company, and includes (rehabilitating and paving the main and service streets, extending the drinking water pipeline network and the rainwater network, installing lighting poles...).

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