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Environmental & Occupational Safety Section


The importance of the occupational safety is no less important than the importance of production. all the international organization such as international work organization and international health organization gathered on the idea that the losses resulting from work and diseases accidents are estimated about (50%) from the (GNP) GROSS NATIONAL PRODUC for any countries , therefore the developed countries in health and occupational safety gathered after she realized its effect on the product and national economy and raising slogans such as (safety first ) and( safety then production ).



1-providing the equipment of extinguishing fire (ashtray) of different kind and capacity, also pail fire with its bucket.

2-providing accessories for individual protection for workers (work suit, helmet head , robber gloves, linen gloves, glasses, scaffolding regular, safety shoes, and boots).

3-spreading environment awareness and the importance of occupational safety between the employee through wall bulletins and posters.

4-insurance on the first aid accessories to emergency ambulance that happened to the employee during the work by locational pharmacy.

5-periodic inspection on work sites and the section of production and pointing the glitches to be sure of overcome it.

6-investigation of accident and injuries, find out the reasons, suggest the procedures to prevent repeated them, collect data and statistics to organize forms.

7- Prepare an occupational safety guide for the companies.

8-prepare reports for the environment impact to some sites.

9-follow up and monitoring the execution of legal legislations and the instructions coming from the concerned authorities of health and occupational safety.

10-insurance on the existence of early warning of fire.

11conduct the periodic inspection of drinking water.

12- Allocation of place for smoking.

13-conduct periodic inspection for the employees.

14- Insurance on the existence of internal radio.

15- - insurance on the existence of water tank to extinguish fire.

16-lecturing and giving training courses for the employees.

17-formation of civil defense group.

18-formation group of self-protection (extinguishing fire, evacuation, first aid, self-protection, blackout).




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