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Engineer Imad Tawfiq: We Are Currently Working On The Completion Of The Khalis Residential Complex Despite The Problem Of The Company’s Financial Dues

Engineer Imad Tawfiq Al Mirza, General Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company, one of the formations of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works, stated that the company’s staff are continuing to work on the Al-Khalis residential complex project in Diyala Governorate, which the company is implementing for the Ministry’s Housing Department.

He stated that the current works are (finalizations) in all paragraphs of the project, and the company is continuing to solve the obstacles facing the progress of the work, including the financial dues to the company.

He summarized that the complex consists of (360) residential units, thirty buildings and three floors, and also includes various service buildings, including:

1) Two schools.

2) Health center.

3) Mosque and market.

4) Pure water tanks.

5) Treatment plant.

6) Heavy water and rain water networks.

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