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Financial Affairs Department


The main facilities of this department are:

1- Payment of salaries, overtimes, salaries differences, and rewards by maturity and embedding restrictions.

2- Preparing monthly financial reports according to the unified accounting system for the for the companies projects which concern the revenues and expense as well as the financial reports and evaluated the quarterly performance.

3- Doing the semi-annual and annual inventories.

4- Expenditure all the financial transaction owed to the head quarter and the company projects concerning the public and the private sector with calculation and payment of secondary contractor.

5- Receipt all the revenue, which concern the company and its projects and deposit it in banks.

6- Participation in preparing balance planning with planning and follow up section in the company head quarter.

7- Matching the pin number of the general commission of taxes through computer for all final advance of contractors and release the retained deposit and follow up the guaranteed letter.

8- Answering all the notes of financial supervision office through official correspondence.

9- Follow up the quietus for the contractors who are contracting with the company from ministry of communications.

10- Deportation of annual stock staking and make comparison with financial records and getting conclusion.

11- Calculate annual depreciation and organize its entry.

12- Follow up wasted assets and making necessary entry to exclude them from assets register.

13- Deportation of accounted documents and making entry settlement with all financial account and preparing reports.

14- Getting statements financial assets to match the bank statement with the financial records.

15- Preparing final annual account.

16 - Receipt and supply the storage material according to the documentary cycle for headquarter and the company projects.

17 - Opening current account at AL-Rafaden and AL-Rasheed banks in all governorates according to the work size assigned to the company.


All of this executed through the following sections (budget, accounts, salaries, assets and stores accounts)




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