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Citizens Affairs Section

The citizen affairs section receives requests and complaints of citizens and company's officials directly at head office or at E-Mail or call (07739017317) during the time work in order to fulfill administrative procedures, and then send them through (citizen electronic government) ( application to solve them.    


Section tasks 

1 - Examining the complaints of citizens and employees, receiving them, studying their requests and responding to them in a way that guarantees their rights, and supervising the conduct of interviews with the responsible by organizing a special form for the interviews and following up the procedures.

2- Monitoring the complaints of citizens and media employees through newspapers, magazines, social networking sites and the company’s website on the international web as well as through the e-mail designated to the Division (

3- Sending the data that was taken through the Citizen e-Government Program.


E-government of the citizen

                           A new horizon in the field of citizen service


It is a national work environment for ministries, governorates, and entities not affiliated with a ministry, operating within the Internet through a unified national database for citizens' requests and complaints to receive, archive and follow up on those requests with the possibility of rotating them between sectoral agencies according to specialization.



  Electronic citizen government 2



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