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Reconstruction of Our Lady of Deliverance Church

Reconstruction of Our Lady of Deliverance Church

The work included the following:

1 - Removing and removing the rubble resulting from the terrorist act and cleaning the site.

2- The internal works, which included the heritage interior finishes, as well as the structures and decorations of the church hall, represented by wood and glass works and lighting installations, in addition to covering with alabaster, with the same nature and specifications of the materials that .The church was built from it to give the features of the previous architectural character, adding that part of the altar was executed according to designs inspired by similar works in other churches, in a way that simulates the Christian religious heritage.

3 - The external works, which included the implementation of a new cemetery and the works of treating the basement and covering it with alabaster, re-executing the facade of the main hall with a modern vision and according to the recommendations and designs of Christian references, as well as implementing shrines and pouring floors for external patios with on-site casting alabaster.


Cost: (2,860.194,500) Iraqi dinars


Execution start date: 1/15/2012


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