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Children's Hospital and Maternity in Maysan

Children's Hospital and Maternity in Maysan

The project consists of

1 - A main building of three floors with a total area of ​​(29,219) square meters containing eight major operations halls and three minor operations halls with five x-ray rooms, one magnetic scanning room, a scan room, convalescent and preterm rooms, and sleeping suites with a capacity of (260) beds.


2 - Ancillary buildings with an area of ​​(2736) square meters for (doctors’ housing, nursery, inquiries and waiting, mortuary preservation, machines, main stores, three emergency inquiries, and a liquefaction water treatment unit).


3- Supplying and installing service units such as (generators, water ice cream, oxygen plant, water purification unit, biological treatment unit and pumping stations).


4 - Road and yard works.


Cost: (39.783,991,427) Iraqi dinars

Implementation start date: 6/12/2009

Contract duration: (24) months


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