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Projects in Progress

Projects in Progress


NO. Project Name Governorate  Cost (I.D)
1 The Installation Of AL-Sheah - Wakf-Directorate Sacred Karbala 6.667.754.500
2 Design, Execution Of Civil And Electromechanically Work For AL-Dujel Water Project Salah AL-Din 52.766.446.160
3 Construction Of Low Cost Houses / First Stage Babil 30.963.875.245
4 Construction Of Low Cost Houses / Second Stage Babil 22.203.768.000
5 Execution Of AL-Khalis Housing Complex Diyala 50.407.434.974
6 Reconstruction Of Boarding Houses Sacred Karbala 7.267.415.000
7 Completing Of Remaining Work In AL-Shatrah Housing Complex Dhi-Qar 41.985.706.202
8 Construction Of (18) Class School In Intifadha (2) Quarter Sacred Karbala 1.414.869.000
9 Supplementary works for the project of the Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon building Baghdad  10.321.157.130
10 Execution of the remaining works of the Jdeidet Al-Shatt water project Diyala
11 Construction Of The Al-Khidr Bridge / Secand Stage AL-Muthanna 4.032.950.000
12 Rehabilitation Of The Cooling Towers For The Oil Corporation In The Dora Refinery Baghdad  2.642.315.000
13 Rehabilitation Of Main And Service Streets And Gardens For The role of Employees In The Dora Refinery Baghdad  6.207.883.000
14 Establishment Of A Multi-Storey Building Of Five Floors In The Oil Complex Dhi-Qar 25.609.669.000
15 Rehabilitation Of The Entrance To The Abu Ghraib Stores With Buildings And Fences Baghdad  8.567.848.000
16 Ministry of Planning Buildings Complex Nineveh 8.506.470.000
17 The Housing Complex In Zubaydah Wasit 101.435.400.000
18 Housing Complex Appendix / Al Jazeera (2) Sacred Karbala 80.733.829.687
19 Construction Of The Housing Complex Appendix Al-Diwaniyah 32.377.388.545
20 Low-Cost Role In Al-Numaniyah (Contract Appendix 147) Wasit
21 Low-Cost Role In Kut (Contract Appendix 148) Wasit
22 The Housing Complex In Kashmara Dhi-Qar 108.275.591.000
23 Construction Of The Structural Laboratory Building AL-Muthanna 6.747.846.183
24 The Housing Complex In Al-Azizia Wasit
25 The Central Agency For Standardization And Quality Control Wasit 13.905.132.615
26 Rehabilitation Of The Central Child Hospital Baghdad  8.489.824.000
27 Establishment Of The Cultural Center In Kadhimiya (Contract Appendix 13 In 2014) Baghdad  3.577.591.646
28 Establishment Of The Cultural Center (Contract Appendix 14 In 2014) AL-Muthanna 2.770.677.050
29 Establishment Of Schools Number (2) Al-Diwaniyah
30 Prefabricated Building Schools Instead Of Falling Apart ( Kirkuk , Nineveh ) Nineveh 24.850.568.164
31 Replacing The Cables Of The Housing Complex In The Doura Refinery Baghdad  1.738.000.000
32 Rehabilitation And Maintenance Of The Commission’s Iron Bridge And The Samawa Concrete Bridge AL-Muthanna 885.687.500
33 Rehabilitation Of The Locality (833, 867, 869) In The Municipality Of Al-Rashid Baghdad  2.620.435.000
34 Rehabilitation Of Locality (410) Al-Tobji In The Municipality Of Al-Kadhimiya Baghdad  1.102.913.000
35 Constructing A Concrete Wall (T-WALL) With A Bellows Wire On The Iraqi-Syrian Border Nineveh
36 Establishing An Emergency Tank In The Chinese Refinery Salah AL-Din
37 Establishment Of A Naffeta Tank In The Pumping And Storage Section Of The Salah Al-Din Refinery Salah AL-Din
38 Developing The Street From Al-Qadisiyah Intersection To Al-Rashid Intersection In The City Of Samarra Salah AL-Din 4.285.900.000
39 Rehabilitation Of Jurf Al-Nasr And Al-Diwaniyah Schools, With The Rehabilitation Of (24) Water Circulations Al-Diwaniyah 2.786.496.000
40 Rehabilitation Of Schools (9) Maysan 2.176.759.000
41 Rehabilitation Of Qalat Saleh General Hospital Maysan 2.084.450.000
42 Demolishing and rebuilding Ammar Bin Yasser School (12 classes) in Baiji District Salah AL-Din 787.544.500


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