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Mr. General Manager Of The Company: We Were Directed To Immediately Begin Work On The Second Phase Of The Rehabilitation Project For The Central Children’s Hospital

Engineer Imad Tawfiq Al Mirza, General Manager of Al-Fao General Engineering Company, conducted a field tour of the rehabilitation project for the Central Children’s Hospital in Baghdad Governorate, which the company is implementing for the benefit of the Council of Ministers/Service and Engineering Effort Team.

He met with a number of its employees and discussed with them all the financial and technical aspects pertaining to the project and overcoming all the difficulties facing them in coordination with the hospital administration in order to complete the work within the timings specified for it.

His Excellency directed the immediate commencement of the second phase of work, which includes the rehabilitation of the floors (ground, second and third) with the operating theatres. Note that the company has previously completed the first phase of the hospital.

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